Oxfordshire Community Foundation

Oxfordshire Community Foundation

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About us

Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF) works to improve lives by addressing social and economic disadvantage. We tackle the most pressing social problems locally: homelessness, educational inequality, loneliness and isolation, and digital exclusion.

Despite its wealth and success, our beautiful county hides a number of simply shocking and upsetting social problems here on our doorsteps. As part of our work, we uncover these issues and understand what causes them. We then bring together charities, philanthropists, businesses and the public sector to research, design and fund long-term solutions.

Our work is all about collaboration and consensus-building. We make the best ideas happen – solutions to the problems, not sticking plasters. This leads to sustained and meaningful improvements to people’s lives.

OCF makes around £1 million in grants every year to charities across Oxfordshire that are working at the grassroots level to tackle pressing problems faced by its citizens, including emergency response to crises such as COVID-19.

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