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Our Living Essentials Fund makes grants to grassroots charitable organisations working to help the most disadvantaged in our county cope with the continued high cost of living. We remain dedicated to raising awareness and funds around this issue into 2024. Could you or your business join us in stepping up to this challenge?

The lack of affordability of essentials such as food and housing is still affecting many communities locally. Our recently published research Oxfordshire Uncovered revealed that rental prices in the county are 31% higher than the national average, and 8% of households are living with fuel poverty. High food prices are having a disproportionate effect on lower income households, with reliance on food banks continuing to increase. As we go forward our focus will be on building resilience in communities, funding proactive preventative measures as well as frontline services.

Crucially, Oxfordshire has a precious network of grassroots organisations that are doing essential work to help people stay afloat. However, these organisations are experiencing huge increases in the demand for their services, alongside rising costs, which they cannot pass onto the people they help.

This is why OCF is committed to giving ongoing support to grassroots charitable organisations over the coming year, helping them to build their long-term resilience. These charities will continue to provide practical support to enable individuals to survive in the short term, alongside robust support structures and preventative solutions for them to thrive in the long term.

We have raised nearly £600k so far from the general public, our generous donors and other funding partners; and we have delivered two rounds of grant funding totally nearly £560k. We would now like to raise at least a further £70k to support the next round of grant funding.

Thank you so much for supporting us in this appeal.