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Age Friendly Banbury is an initiative to make Banbury a great place to grow older. There are already some great groups and opportunities for older people in Banbury, but for some older people poor transport, unsuitable housing, fear of crime, lack of community cohesion, limited care and support and difficulty finding or getting to social activities can get in the way of enjoying their later years.

Age Friendly Banbury wants to improve the following:

Getting About – improving access to transport to help people get out and about and reduce worries about isolation and accessing basic services and shops

Wellbeing and Community Services – improving access to services and support to help people be as healthy as possible

Town Centre – taking action to make the town-centre more age-friendly, specifically by increasing seating areas and public toilets in parks and around the town centre, and encouraging local businesses to think about being more age friendly

Getting Connected – increasing the range and accessibility of activities to tackle isolation and loneliness, providing more opportunities for people to get together. And providing information so people know what’s going on.

Please help us to achieve these goals by donating.

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